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Plant tee

Randomized 4x4 plant grid, doodled by people around the world.

£35 — free shipping
  • 100% unique. We never print the same t-shirt twice.
  • Share & compare. We'll send a page with your design to share with others.
  • Vegan (PETA-approved). Made from 100% organic cotton.
  • 180gsm. Unisex, medium fit, short sleeve, round-neck.

Every tee unique

This t-shirt isn't like anything you own. We randomize every tee we ship from our pool of 5 million doodles, so everyone gets something different.

The plants on this t-shirt were created by real people. None of them are perfect, but they are all unique.

About doodlesoup

We're doodlesoup. We make t-shirts that mean more.

I'm Chris Saggerson, the creator of doodlesoup. I had this idea after playing Google's Quick Draw game.

Looking at the millions of doodles in the dataset made me smile. Each one is as unique as the people who drew them. Apparently, there's no "right way" to draw anything.

I wanted to make something that means more than a regular t-shirt. With different doodles on every tee we print, you get something you can't with a regular tee.

I'm really excited to put this into the world. I hope people feel that same excitement when opening their parcel to see what doodles they get, or when comparing their tee with friends.

Aside from buying a tee, you can join in on Twitter or Instagram. You can also send us any ideas or thoughts at [email protected].

- Chris